Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Toosdae ?'s

Hi Toosdae Lovers! Can you believe it's almost December already? (That's not one of the questions) Here yago:

1. Who is the freakiest/weirdest person you've ever met and why did they win that title?

2. How far would you go in order to fight for a parking space? Would you not fight at all, would you edge your car aggressively into the space or would you get into a yelling match?

3. What is the worst gift you have ever received?

1. The freakiest person I ever met was named Shad. I was actually warned about him by my trainer before I met him. He said, "Have you met Scary Shad yet?" Shad was tall, skinny and voluntarily bald. He rarely spoke and kept to himself but always had shifty eyes. One day he and I were alone in the back office of the hotel and he said, "Have you ever thought about how you'd like to die?" I don't remember my response, but I do remember dropping all of my uncounted money into my deposit bag and running (literally) out of the office. On an interesting side note, Scary Shad, let's say, used to *know* Goofy well.

2. I would typically not fight at all. I'd just mutter something like, "What the fuck jerk?! Are you kidding me?!?" and then pull away, though I'd secretly like to ram their car with mine.

3. The worst gift I ever received was from my mother on Christmas of 1997. I lived in Florida and I always noted how hot and sticky it was, even in December. To my dismay, when I opened the gift, it was a midnight blue velour turtleneck dress a la 1985. I don't know what she was thinking-oh yes I do-it was a free gift with purchase...for a gift she got SOMEONE ELSE! I couldn't even return it. I think my roommates and I used it for a rag.


One who listens said...

0. No, I can't believe it's almost December already. In fact, I don't believe it, lalalalalala, not listening. Ho hum, only 3,000 words left to go.

1. We once knew a woman (I hesitate to call her a lady), who got infatuated with the guy next door, who we knew very well. He wasn't interested, and told her so many, many times. She would often phone up and pretend to be someone else and ask us to tell our next door neighbour that she was dead. One day, she got round the back, and my dad promptly had kittens because the machete was missing from the shed. He didn't know that I'd taken it to be cleaned. All in all, quite a weird woman.

2. I wouldn't fight at all. I would courteously wave them towards the space and try to find another one. :)

3. I think the ceramic snail moneybox for my 29th birthday. It was hideous. And, funnily enough, my mother got that for me, too.


P.S. It really was hideous. I think I've still got it somewhere. I may try to dig it out and take a pic of it.

megan said...

1. Although I've met some pretty weird folks in my day most of them have seemed to slip my memory. But I do have a weirdo that I see on a regular basis. One of the delivery drivers that works for us is a pretty strange guy. I don't think he showers more than once a week or so, apparenly never combs his hair or washes his clothes. He hardly speaks at all and he always smells like maple syrup. When he does speak it's usually something out of left field. Yeah, he's weird.

2. Like you I would not fight for a parking space but I would be cursing a blue streak in my car.

3. I have gotten many gifts that were "less than desireable". One of my all time favorites was a wall hanging that was made with yarn and that plastic canvas stuff. Almost like a cheesy needlepoint. It was a Christmas picture and the yarn used for Santa's beard was really fuzzy so it stuck out of the picture. It looked like a bunch of cotton balls were glued on it. Not only was it really cheesy, it was Christmas cheesy, the worst kind.
My biggest pet peeve is tacky Christmas decorations. For the most part decorations should not be plastic, not blow up, and not involve yarn or cotton balls.

megan said...

I forgot to comment on the dress from your mother. That is a classic re-gift move. That takes guts. I love re-gift stories. Can you ask your readers to post their favorite re-gift stories? Either ones they have received or ones they re-gifted themselves. And whether or not the consensus is in favor of re-gifting or if it's wrong no matter what.

One who listens said...

Don't think I mentioned that I bought my mother a purple toothbrush holder in retaliation. :)

But I got her a real present too.


Mags said...

Owl-and do you still have the snail moneybox?

Meg-damn, now I have to re-think your Christmas present. *Grumbles under breath* Thanks ALOT! 8-)



I say no unless it's something good that you truly would never use and you know that the person you'd be giving to would actually love it. And also, it can't be used. It's gotta be in the box still.

One who listens said...

I say "Yes!" to re-gifting. If you have something that you really don't want, surely it's better off in someone else's home, where it stands a chance of being loved and wanted.

Oh, and I have re-presented in my time.