Monday, November 21, 2005

Toosdae ?'s-1 Day Early!!

Toosdae Questions will be 1 day early this week due to an anniversary post coming tomorrow...enjoy!

1. Would you rather get locked out of your house while you were naked or throw up all over someone in an important meeting or interview?

2. If you could own any item from any movie what would you take and why?

3. What is the bravest thing you've ever said to someone and why do you consider it brave?

1. I think I would choose to throw up all over someone-because everyone throws up and it is most often uncontrollable, so the victim should forgive you. (Though being thrown up on by a stranger would really be terrible) Getting locked out of my house naked would mean I would have to knock on one of my neighbors doors, and they aren't the friendliest people. I can't imagine knocking on Boo's door naked. Ew. Though he probably has surveillance cameras hooked up in my house anyway. And the religious people across the street frown on nakedness, I am sure, and they'd probably torch my house or something to rid me of evil. The old lady next door probably can't make it to her door, and I'd just be left standing, nude, and it would probably rain. So yeah, give me the barf.

2. Gee. This is a tough question for me. I'd say probably that big blue diamond necklace from Titanic. Not because it's particularly pretty and I'd like to wear it, but because it was "lost" and if I owned it, many people would want to rent it from me for exhibit. Ok, maybe I'd wear it around the know, when I was dusting and stuff. It would be great if I got locked out of my house naked with just that on. Then maybe I'd choose the naked.

3. I think the bravest thing I have ever said to someone was, "Did you ever think it was because YOU didn't have anything?" I consider it brave because it was said to Jamie when he was yelling at me about how he thought I tricked him into living with me. (For free, without paying me, making me buy stuff etc...Ludicrous) Anyway, he said something like, "You lured me into your life so I would take care of this house and do everything for you because you have no one and nothing!" To which I angrily replied with the above sentence. Luckily it shut him up and he walked away before he got abusive.


One who listens said...

You have thrown my week into dissarray, young lady, with your unexpected bringing forward of Toosdae.

When I look at my socks, it is Monday (yes, I have socks with the days of the week on), but when I check your blog, it is Tuesday!

Oh, the mental torment! ;)

Ahem. I may have digressed. :)

1. I'd rather throw up on someone, because *that* I could explain. (I can see it now: My bath toy fell out the window, Officer, and when I scuttled out the door to get it back, a towel thief stole my towel, and the door slammed shut in the struggle - No).

2. I'd take a lightsabre, and I'd cut my hedge in record time. Yeah!

3. I think one of the bravest things I've ever said was "I want you to stop me if I try to do anything wrong, and I shall stop you if you try to do anything wrong. I still love you, but I want to do what is right." And it was brave because I didn't know how it was going to be taken. Normally I have a good idea, but that time, I had none.

That was a good one. Perhaps you should rename it to Mondaze ?'s. ;)


megan said...

1. I would definitely take being locked out of my house naked. I have no neighbors so no one would see me. I could steal a blanket out of Bob's house to wrap up in while I tried to find an open window. I'd probably end up having to break a window to get back in because I don't even have a key to my house.

2. I don't watch enough movies to come up with a specific item to own but I think there must be a movie out there with a magic wand in it. I have always wanted a magic wand for all the obvious reasons.

3. Although it isn't really an act of bravery I felt brave when I "told off" a guy that stood my sister up then bragged and laughed about it at school the next day. I was a Sophomore at the time and my sister a yr older. The guy was a Senior and very cool. It was at lunch time, he was with all his buddies and I walked right up to the table full of upper-classmen guys and let him have it. "You're such a chicken sh** you didn't even have the ba**s to call her and tell her you weren't coming. You were probably afraid she was going to stand you up first, you insecure piece of crap. She wouldn't go out with you if you were the last guy on earth. So why don't you spend a few more hours in front of the mirror telling yourself you aren't really a loser while you style your hair, you little beauty queen". Then I went into the girls room and had diarrhea.

Mags said...

I'm kind of disturbed that you have socks for each day of the week...are they labeled, or do you just "know"? And what color are they today?? Tomorrow? Hmm...

First of all, Bob, everyone else, is her families pet pig. And yes, I forgot that no one in the world would see Meg if she was naked outside, based on where she lives. (She and her family like, own the whole town) 80)

And-that WAS very brave-a senior? Yeah. You deserve a purple heart or something.
(You made me choke on my lunch just now when I read the last line-laughing)

One who listens said...

They are black socks, and have "Monday" on them, in a blue stripe which goes round the top (the toes are blue too).

I have a different pair for each day. My girly got them for me a couple of weeks ago. I'm wearing them this week because my hong-kong-phooey socks are in the wash.



Mags said...

Um....does anyone else think it's funny that Owl has hong-kong phooey socks?


Fantastic, you are!

Hamel said...

1. Definately locked out of my house naked. It simply wouldn't bother me. I still get my mail in my underwear, shower outside when it's not too cold under my Sunshower, and walk outside to pee in the woods with my boys. Not that I *want* anyone to see, but I guess I just don't care if they do. It's a body, for cryin' out loud.

2. I would have Dora's country home from the early scene in Life is Beautiful.

3. In high school everyone was scared to death of my soccer coach. I was a captain and played only rarely. So one day I came off thefield and the coach started his typical berating of me, putting me down, etc. He then said "Sit on the bench and think for awhile." I stopped in front of the entire team, during the game, and said "What? Me? On the bench? That's different." A hush fell over anyone. He told me to sit down. I said something like "how's here," and sat down, and then asked if I could continue talking to him while I sat.
To show you I didn't totally suck and the guy was a jerk, I played in the championship game of a tournament and scored the only goal of the first half. We led 1-0 at halftime. We won the game 1-0. Guess who didn't see the light of day off the bench in the second half? Go figure. . .

I've got others, but they weren't brave, more me being a jerk to get back at jerks.

Mags said...

Hamel, good choice for what you'd pick from a movie! It's especially good for you-the exhibitionist that you are!!

DinaLove said...

Wow, your blog has a weekly game? That's cool! Here are my answers:

1. Outside naked. Not because I'm an exhibitionist. I just could NEVER live down barfing on someone.

2. From movies, I would take Samantha's undies from Sixteen Candles because I KNOW I could get my little brother and his friends to pay a dollar for them and then I'd have, like, 22 extra dollars!

3. The bravest thing I've ever done (may have also been the dumbest): I was being "chased" down the highway by my then-boyfriend because I wanted to visit my gal pal at her dorm and he was super jealous and didn't want me to go, so he decided to tail me in his car. So, about 5 minutes into the drive, I slammed on my brakes (on the highway!!), causing him to slam on his brakes behind me, got out of my car (on the highway!!), walked up to his window and said, "Would you rather smash my car on your own or watch me smash it myself into that telephone pole? I suggest you get off the next exit, go home, and never call me again." (I just felt my hands shaking as I was typing this. Apparently, I'm still a tad aggravated about that one.)

One who listens said...

Did you eventually see the pic I posted with the socks?

Only I remember you not being able to, for some reason.