Sunday, November 20, 2005


I am so fucking stupid.
That's all I have to say 'bout that.


One who listens said...

It that the broken cry of someone who has done something that they wanted to do very much, but knows that what they did was the wrong thing to do?

I doubt you were as silly as me, at any rate. :)

I have done such stupid things in my life, it'd make your hair curl. :)

On a largely unrelated note, and just because it has a line which says "That's all I've got to say" (and because it's a good movie):

There is a song on the movie "The Last Unicorn", which has the lines:

I've had time to write a book
About the way you act and look
But I haven't got a paragraph
Words are always getting in my way
Anyway, I love you
That's all I have to tell you
That's all I've got to say

And now, I'd like to make a speech
About the love that touches each
But stumbling, I would make you laugh
I feel as though my tongue were made of clay
Anyway, I love you
That's all I have to tell you

Mags said...


No, I almost wish it was that way. It is a broken cry, but not because I did something I wanted to.

And also, I've always wanted curly hair.

And thank you for writing out the song. I like it very much.

One who listens said...

Well, we have a wide selection of wigs available at our online store.

I would recommend the "Tavern Wench", or the "Castle Maid" wig for your curly hair needs. ;)


Hamel said...

Ain't we all, Mags. Ain't we all. Laughing at ourselves is typically the best medicine.

Mags said...

Owl-You're so funny! I think I'd pick the spiral wig though!

Hamel-I'm trying!! Honest, I am!!