Tuesday, November 08, 2005

QnA Time!

1. Have you ever been the victim of a crime? If so, what was the crime and did you know the person?

2. When was the first time you drank alcohol (got drunk)? Do you still drink?

3. Finish this sentence: Dear ____, I'm sorry we never got to____.

1. Yes, I have been the victim of a crime. While I was at the beach in Clearwater, FL last year someone broke into my rental car and stole my watch and all of my cash. Luckily they left my credit cards and my license, but it still gave me an eerie feeling knowing a stranger was in the car.

2. I first had alcohol when I was young; taking sips from my family at holidays. The first time I got drunk was my freshman year in college. 2 of my boyfriends friends who were in the army "taught" me how to drink one night by giving me massive amounts of beer while we watched Beavis and Butthead. Yes, I still drink, but other than a few years in college and an occasional crazy sister night, I'm not a huge drinker.

3. Dear Papa, I'm sorry we never got to dance at my wedding.


One who listens said...

AnQ time, I see. Ok, lets get right down to brass tacks. :)

1. Yes. My loverly pushbike was stolen. I worked all summer in the bike shop to get this great Black Rock Peugot bike, and someone nicked it when I was fixing a friend's computer woes.

2. I went to a Christening when I was three. The guests thought it was cute that this little fellow went round begging a sip of their champagne, so they gave me a sip. Twenty or thirty guests later, and I was sozzled. Apparently, I staggered home holding mum's hand, and sat in the bath later, giggling.

History does not relate whether I got a hangover or not.

3. Dear me, I can't think of anything I'm sorry I never did.

Mags said...

Wow! A sozzled, giggling 3 year old Owl...that's a silly thought!! Do you remember this or is it a story your mum told you?

megan said...

1. I have probably been the victim of a crime more than once but the time that I remember most was when I was in 8th grade. I was a latch-key kid and came home alone every day after school. One day as I turned the key in the door I could hear noise, voices, movement. Being young and stupid I walked in and saw 2 high school thugs running out the front door. They had apparently spent the day there, eatting, sleeping, watching TV and helping themselves to several of our christmas presents that had been hidden in my mother's closet. I knew who they were but didn't know them personally. I don't think they ever even got arrested.

2. The first time I got drunk was the summer I turned 14. We drank Sloe Gin that my mother had won 8 months before at a holiday party. We mixed it with 7-up, it was pretty good. Yes, I still drink. Not often and not usually to excess.

3. I'll have to think more about this one. I honestly can't really come up with something I wish I had done. I guess that's a good thing.

Mags said...


Of course you drank your mom's gin-you had to get over the horrific experience of walking into your house alone when there were strangers in there! How long did it take you to not be afraid?

And that's great-I'm happy to hear you can't finish the last question.

C-Unit said...

Wasn't it you who drank a glass of moms wine while she was on the phone (5yrs old) and when she got off said, "Mommy, I'm drunk!"? I think that would be the 1st for you!

Mags said...

C-Unit-just stick to answering the questions you nosey girl.

(Yes, it was me)

One who listens said...

I was told the story by my parents. My dad was particularly impressed.

My mum was a bit horrified, tho.

And can I just say: Five years old, young lady? What can I say apart from "Beat you! I was three!" ;)


Mags said...

Geezo-you're so competitive Owl. I guess you get the "I got drunk earlier than you" trophy.

It's on order now-you can expect it in the mail in 4-6 weeks.


Steve said...

1; A pizza delivery guy nicked £150 off my debit card to top up his mobile phone about 6 years ago, and I got attacked by 5 blokes last year. The bank gave me back my £150, and there's not really a lot can be done about the other thing.

2; I think I was about 14 (clearly a poor show), at a school party. I didn't drink a lot, and I wish I'd just got completely hammered. I still drink now, but had to cut down for a while. I've drunk more in the past 3 weeks than in the last 4 years put together, and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

3; I could go on all day. Is it me, or are regrets for things you didn't do so much worse than regrets for things that you did?

Mags said...

Well Steve,

If you live your life well, you shouldn't have a lot of things you regret DOING-but yes, the things I regret most are the things I didn't do when I had the chance.

Good to see you here!! Looking forward to seeing an updated post from you too.