Sunday, November 27, 2005

Price Check On Isle 5!!!

My house looks like Christmas threw up in it. Today I was on a recovery mission. The great flood of 2005 damaged most of my Christmas decorations including a handmade angel I received as a wedding present, several handmade/friend made ornaments, 3 sets of lights, several in-house decorations and my stocking. Luckily my Disney ornaments and my stocking hanger from my childhood are fine.

What that means, is that today I had to take stock of what I did manage to save, and had to truck out to the store to buy new Christmas stuff.

What a cluster, I'll tell ya.

I went to Walmart-my least favorite store-because they always have cheap bulbs and lights. I wore jeans, my Westfield State sweatshirt, sneakers and a blue fleece hooded vest.

People kept asking me for help.

"Where are the gift tags?"
"Do you know where the ornament hangers are?"
"I'm looking for a tree stand, any idea where I can find one?"

It was only after the tree stand guy gave me a dirty look when I said:
"Um...I think they're over there, but I'm not sure..." did I realize that they all thought I worked there.

Because of my blue fleece hooded vest.

That is the very same color as a Walmart employee's smock.

And from behind, it's very confusing to stupid people.

There was a fourth man who started to ask me a question, but quickly realized I did not work there and stopped. He was amused at himself for making the mistake and this, in turn, amused me. So I helped him find what he was looking for. A little weird, but quite fun.

I did not end up getting my tree as planned because the store was so crazy busy that it was well past dark and though last year I was interested in doing it all myself, this year I am smarter and am going to solicit help. Ah weekend is just fine.


One who listens said...

Yep. I've been there! :)

I was at Sainsbury's when exactly the same thing happened. I was standing in a queue at a til, with only one item, and a guy said to me "Aren't you going to open a til?"

I looked puzzled, and then realised that he thought I worked there (oh, that ubiquitous blue fleece).

Now, once upon a time, I did work at Sainsbury's during holiday time for a bit of extra pocket money, so I knew how to open a til, but I thought they might not want me to, cos I didn't work there, and said so.

Having said that, I *do* know the default code for unlocking Sainsbury tils, and I'll wager that I could get a til open if I had half an hour and a lot of patience. :)


NOTE: til = checkout

Hawaiianmark said...

Heck, we get mistaken for police all the time..

We always tell them we are the ones you WANT to see, not the ones you dont!...

Nice post!


Mags said...

Owl: Nope. The manager from Sainsbury's called me the other day to tell me they changed the code...they said something about a shady character named Owl and how he was skulking around the tils...

HMark-Welcome!!! (Though I don't quite 'get' your comment, I'll have to check out your blog later on today)

Hawaiianmark said...

My bad-

Our uniforms look quite like police here both are blue.

It is kind of a inside joke that we say - "we are the ones you want to see"

I am a firefighter, so the mistake is acknowledged with a smile, thank goodness we lack guns!


Mags said...


It's all coming together now Mark!