Friday, November 18, 2005

Pedal Pushers & Early Bird Specials

It's Friday. Is it time to retire yet? Seriously. I'm all about moving to Florida and wearing pedal pushers on the beach watching the sunset with my (imaginary) husband. Oh-and taking advantage of Early Bird specials.

Here is some randomivity from the week:

Gummy Bears, when hurled over your cubicle, hurt when they land on your head. They do, however, bounce quite high giving the "gummy launcher" a good laugh.

Who was the first guy who thought about putting a fish in a bowl in his house instead of in a bucket on his porch? And I wonder what kind of fish is was to inspire such a move.

Sometimes you are wrong about people who you thought were trustworthy and honest-and it hurts when you realize this is not the case.

Autumn in New England=Wonderific
Leaves on my lawn=Overwhelmingly Annoying

Getting paid to be in a play is pretty cool. Opening the first paycheck and seeing it is not even enough to support your new weekly addiction to Starbuck's caramel Apple Cider is depressing.

It is funny to hear about a grown man riding down the highway with his head hanging out of the window of a Tahoe like a dog. Especially when he is doing it, ironically, to avoid smelling the dogs that ride in the car-because he is deathly allergic.

Sometimes you just question everything about yourself. And it's lonely. But sometimes you get an unexpected reminder from someone you've never met that the sun is always shining somewhere. And it helps.

Parakeets are not safe in CT. Fly little

No matter how bad things are today, they are still better than they were a year ago this week. Thank you to you-know-who and the song "Lying Eyes" for that reminder.


mrsmogul said...

Autumn in New England is fab. As for pedal pushers, aren't they called Capris? WHere I am parakeets where these.

One who listens said...

I've always been in favour of complete honesty, even when it causes problems, the problems will be less than if lies come into the equation.

For a start, I have a bad memory. I'd never remember which lies I'd told. :)

One who listens said...

Oh, and I'm sorry, but it isn't time to retire just yet.

Maybe next week. :)

Mags said...

Mrsmogul: Yes, they are Capris, but I think old people call them pedal pushers so I went with that name instead.

Owl: I'll check with you next week to see if I can retire. Put a good word in for me, k?

C-Unit said...

I would love to live on the beach with you in FL. Can I come too?

Mags said...

You'd love to live on the beach with ME? Really? That's funny. I'd have never have thought that.

One who listens said...

Course I'll put in a good word for you, Mags. Well known fact that they always ask me when people want to retire.

"Owl", they say, "This Mags, is she ok to retire next week?"

"Mags? Absolutely.", I reply. "She's worth her weight in gold."

Owl. :)

Pedro said...

The flying bears would be quite sad if they no longer had a head to land on. The pedal pushers and early bird specials sound great, but the bears, don't break there gummy little hearts.

Mags said...

If I were worth my weight in gold I wouldn't have to work...

And Pedro, good point, I can't let the gummies down-though that little guy DID hurt my head!!!!!

aka_monty said...

I completely relate to your WHOLE list.
And I'm glad that things, while maybe not perfect, are better than before. :)

I'm ready for Florida and retirement (although we're both FAR too young).
Maybe we can pick up some old rich guys as we stroll the beach, flashing our varicose veined legs. :)