Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of THOSE Days

I need a hug.


One who listens said...

Lots of zen virtual hugs from us here in England, Mags. :)

We think you're great.

Yes, everyone in England thinks that.

I checked with everyone.

Personally. Knocked on their doors and everything. They all think you're great. :)

On a slightly worrying note, the verification word was: spjunxs

Which bothers me for no readily apparent reason. :s


Hamel said...

Is it me, or are there three arms in the picture.

It's freaking me out, Mags. Maybe it's that you need more than a regular hug, and only a three-armed hug will do.

Thinking of you, and hope you're smiling, somewhere.

Mags said...

Yes Hamel, there is a weird freaky 3rd arm. THAT's how bad I need a hug.

(I actually didn't notice it at first, oh well)

Hepcat said...


Here's a few e-Bear-Hugs from Michigan (We learn how to do this directly from the bears in the UP [pronounced you-pee, an abbreviation for upper penninsula for those not native to the state]). With any e-hug/phone-hug, I generally recommend recieving it with a teddy bear or other stuffed animal, but if there is not one available, anything warm and preferrably fuzzy works in a pinch. :)


Ad Blaster said...

The man with the toothache thinks every one happy whose teeth are sound." George Bernard Shaw"

Anonymous said...

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