Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lunchical Lyrics

Have you ever had a stye
in the green of your eye?
I have, I do,
and it feels like poo.
Have you ever seen a guy
drive with his truck open to the sky?
I did, he stopped
and I wished I was a cop.
Do you like olives
and fresh mutsadell?
I do, they're good
and I think that you should.
Have you ever had something
stolen from your car?
I did, they're dead
and it's because they took my Mickey head.
Do you ever make up rhymes
just because you can?
I do, they're fun
and now it's time to run!


One who listens said...

I think I know,
What makes you go.
I've had a radio stolen from my car
It made me want to scream and sware*
I've never had a stye.
My dad has, and I wonder why.
I make up rhymes,
not once, but but many times.


*sware = swear, but that didn't rhyme.

Mags said...

Nope-it's literally my Mickey head!! The little foam mickey I had on my antenna-it took 8 months to be stolen this time.

Jerks. I have 2 more that I got as gifts though, so I can re-top it shortly.

One who listens said...

Oh. Well, they smashed the window on my car. :(

Least I think that was the time I had my window smashed.

Or was it kids with a catapult.

My poor memory is shot all to pieces. :(


C-Unit said...

Well, I was gonna buy you a Mickey head when we went to Disney in March, but there goes that idea!!

One who listens said...

Oh, I get it!

A Walt Disney Mickey Mouse, to go on top of your radio aerial.

I had no idea what a "mickey" was.

I assumed you were talking about "taking the mickey", which is a well known phrase over here. Not sure how well known it is in the states, tho. :)

Doh. :)