Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lunch Break

I am doomed. I'm officially the worst at being a single girl.

When flirted with-I scoff. I tend to say things like, "C'mon!?! Are you kidding me with that comment?" shooting down my once potential suitor immediately. Depending on what type of boy he is, they either stay for more abuse, or promptly display the peace sign and walk away.

(On another note, anyone who displays the peace sign before leaving is no one I want to date anyway. I mean, how lame is that?)

And it's not that I'm not flattered by what they say, it just makes me nervous, and so I retaliate with some sort of sarcastic remark. I also get nervous during flirting encounters with strangers. When making eye contact across a room, I'm fine. I can smile and laugh and give make just enough eye contact so that he knows I think he's cute. But that all stops once he puts his drink down and walks over to me.

I then become an idiot. The "Um, I uh, yeah...hi" Mags comes out. I think that I may have even drooled in the past as well. This doesn't make for good "Date me" material, as proven by my life. I also tend to get splotchy. Being fair skinned, my face and neck get red heat splotches and I look like some sort of leper. Also not good "Date me" material.

And the worst is when boys show interest in me, and I ignore it because I'm too nervous. Like the time a boy insinuated he wanted to take me to dinner, and instead of offering him my number, I said, "Well, maybe I'll see you around sometime" and walked away with my friend. She later asked me why I wasn't interested in the boy and was stupified when I told her I was.

So the moral of this little lunch time break is: I will be single forever. I guess I should start accumulating the cats...


C-Unit said...

Don't worry Mags. Your not the only one! This is also why I am still single. I dont really get blotchy (knock on wood) but I sweat a lot! EWW!

Hamel said...

Trust me, Mags. Someone will appreciate you and fall madly in love with you, so much so that what you see as a fault, they will take as an endearing quality.

Trust me.

Mags said...

C-Unit, forgive me if I don't get comfort from knowing I'm not the only one. And also-ew with the sweating. LOL!!!

Hamel, madly in love? Ya think? Ok. I'll trust you. ;)