Saturday, November 26, 2005


It's official: I've been proposed to.
Read this post by Hamel.
Go on...I'll wait....No, really, you have to read it, otherwise this post will mean nothing. (He's really nice, he won't bite...g'head)

Back? Ok. Good. You may now proceed.


On behalf of, well, myself...I would like to officially accept this award with great honor and a great big "You-Picked-Me?" smile.

I welcome the responsibility of a post wife-leaving first date* but only because Hamel stated "I'll pay for the date (and the sitter), and she can pick what we do, from start to finish."**
Why, you ask, am I accepting this award? Well, kids, it's simple, really.

1. He's built in a "you can get engaged or fall in love" factor, which allows me to still pursue cute boys and hope for my "true love" moment. So, really, I have nothing to lose by saying yes.

2. He likes my bangs. I mean, C'mon-it's not often boys actually tell you what they like about you-but to have him like something as obscure like my bangs...he must really be sweet on me.

3. He says I rule. Anytime a man says, "You rule" ladies, you should run with it. This is a rarity, and should be taken advantage of.

4. I've always been a sucker for .50 cent rings-yes, Hamel, you'd have to splurge. I'm not a cheap whore, you know...I'm worth it.

5. The whole "backwards hat" thing. Any boy who promises to wear his hat backwards for me just because he knows I like it? OK IN MY BOOK. Especially when he says he'd wear it during my every waking moment. Course, he could get sick of that and slip me some Tylenol PM or something-I've gotta make a note of that.

6. He's a kind, generous man who has a passion for life. He loves his wife and children very much. What more can a PSWOH (Potential Second Wife of Hamel) award winner ask for?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the grocery store to browse the frozen turkey section for that beefcake that Hamel referred to...

*God Forbid
**Someone is chuckling about that last part right now-do you know who you are?


Hamel said...

I'm honored you've accepted. Now let's just both hope and pray you find Mr. Right and my wife continues to be blinded by love and stays with me. THen we'll all be happy, and you can remove the 50-cent ring on your wedding day and pass it along to the next unlucky winner. Maybe you could toss it over your shoulder after the bridal bouquet at the wedding? Everyone dives for the bouquet, then goes sprinting out the door when the PSWOH ring goes flying through the air.

aka_monty said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. ;)

Sounds like a good reason for a celebration.

(and EYEEEW, my verification word is poosx)
That conjures all sorts of ugly images. :)

Mags said...

Hamel: C'mon, have you SEEN the ring? I think I'd opt to keep that sucker, unless the love of my life (you know, the one I'd be marrying) would object. I definately would NOT throw it.

Monty: Ew is RIGHT-perhaps it's a offense Hamel. 8-)
Thanks for the comment on his blog about me too-I'm all for moving to Hawaii if you'd like to come!!