Thursday, November 10, 2005

House Broken: Part 5

It was a cool, clear October night in Florida. The stars were shining brightly and there was a full moon. The air smelled damp and swampy.

The resort was beautiful. She had never been on the grounds; only in the lobby when switching monorails. The entrance was flanked by 2 large coy ponds, each containing at least 10 fish. The valet circle had torches buring to light the way for its guests. Behind the resort there were winding trails all bordered by various tropical plants and rock gardens. They walked by a pool with a built in volcano on the way to the beach.

There were hammocks among the palm trees. The swayed in the cool air, begging to be used.

“If we sit on at the end of the dock over there we can watch the fireworks over the castle. It’s actually a really good place to watch them.” He said, wanting to impress her with his knowledge.

“Wow! That’s great! I’d love to.” She was eager to see all things new while on her internship, and she hadn’t yet seen the fireworks from anywhere other than Main Street USA, where she worked.

“You know, I really like you. I do think you are beautiful and funny and smart, and I’d like you to be my girlfriend this semester.”

“What do you mean this semester? Do you mean you just want to have your way with me and then forget me?”

“No” he implored, “I want to be with you for a long, long time. I just know that you won’t come back for me, and so I’m prepared to just love you for one semester.”

She looked away. She heard stories of his last girlfriend who was also on the College Program, and also worked on Main Street USA. She promised him that she’d come back, and she didn’t. He was taking another chance when he pursued her now, she knew.

“I can’t tell you if I’d come back or not, but I can tell you I like you too. And that I would do almost anything for love, and if you are ‘the one’ and we’re meant to be together, we will make it work.”

“I want to believe you, I do..”

“So believe.”

He was standing now. He pulled her out of her chair, and held her close to his body. His warmth filled her up, made her quiver with anticipation. His forehead was touching hers, his eyes searching her soul.

“If I kiss you now, my whole life will change.” He whispered, his breath caressing her cheeks.

“Then be sure you want it badly enough.”

And with that, he kissed her. His lips gently brushed hers at first, feeling her softness, learning her countours with his tongue. As his confidence grew, his kiss became harder, more urgent, needing her to read his emotions, to know that he already loved her.

When the kiss was over, he tilted his head back to look at her face.

Her eyes were closed; lips still slightly parted, swollen from the passion he transferred from his own lips just moments ago.

“Was that ok?” he asked.

She had no words, so she she kissed him again.


One who listens said...

You have always written in a way that I find touches the heart.

I can see why you would write this.

How do you do it?

Mags said...


Thank you very much. It actually makes makes me kind of teary to read that it touches your heart.

And all I do is close my eyes and remember...