Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Pedro and I often chuckle when I look at my blog stats to see who's read my blog. And it's not because I use the term, "Stat Whore" (though I think that did make him laugh) but because of some of the "Visitor Paths" people take to get to this little old blog.

This post in particular is one that gets a lot of activity. It's the name, I'm sure. I see a lot of Google searches for "Hairy Carey" and also for "Plucking".

This post also gets a lot of traffic. Some are searching for "Tourettes" but scary enough, alot of people search for "Hairy Nipples". Too many, in fact. But hey, if it gets 'em here, WHATEVER!

Other things that have gotten people here: Teen Flirting and Picking Your Nose.

Lovely. Rack 'em in boyz...rack 'em in...


One who listens said...

Well, I'm a bit worried about my search keywords:

old book about pink polka dot elephant

and the slightly forlorn:

"really understand the meaning of love" "is a dog"

Makes you wonder what kind of people there are in the world, really.

But my personal favourite is someone searching blogger for:

woo and yay



Mags said...

I still think "pink polka dot elephant" is better than hairy nipples.

You can't dispute that.

One who listens said...

Nope. You just cant get into a dispute about hairy nipples. It's just not on. :)