Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Etiquette Check

Let's say for the stories sake that you have a friend named Jerry. And Jerry has some tickets to a local college's basketball game-let's name it...UConn.

Jerry can't use the tickets and neither can a close friend of his. Jerry offers them to you.

You gladly accept, knowing that someone in your family will enjoy them.

Jerry then says:

"Here's a parking pass too-that's at least $6!" and proceeds to say, "as payment for the tickets, you can get my wife a tee shirt at the game."

I hope it's not just me who sees this as extremely tacky and cheap. I hope that at least 12 of you will agree with me and post a comment to that effect-agreeing that Jerry was wrong to comment on any type of "payment" whether it is in the form of an overpriced cotton tee or not.

If ever someone comes up to me and offers tickets they can not use ON THE SAME DAY OF THE EVENT, I will always believe they are giving them to me, unless they specifically say, "I have 2 tickets to tonight, would you like to buy them?"

I personally would not buy the tee shirt for his wife. I would instead tell him that I used the money to buy beer for myself and my guest and we enjoyed the game immensely and appreciated him thinking of me.

Of course, in real life, I'd wait in line for 1 hour to get the stinkin' tee and then wrap it in a shiny gift bag with a matching card...


Hamel said...

Mags. One word. Tacky.

I agree.

Maybe you could buy beers, then buy the t-shirt, and then proceed to vomit said beer on the t-shirt?

Just a thought.

C-Unit said...

Very, very tacky!

Mags said...

Luckily it was not me the tickets were offered to-I'm not sure I would hold my tongue like my friend did...

Dr. Evil said...

This situation is very tacky as some of the others have posted. I also believe it is in the language used. If he had said, "I can't use the tickets or parking pass, take them, but would you mind bringing me back a t-shirt" I might have thought better of the situation.

Mags said...

Dr. Evil:

So I see you've found me...clever name, my dear husband. 80)

And I agree-in fact, ANY other way would have been better than how Jerry approached it.

Dr. Evil said...

I am who I am my wife. Bravo to you and your technology. Ask anyone by the sea they know Dr. Evil is me.

aka_monty said...

Count me amongst the ones who say "How utterly classless".

I would've handed the tickets back and said "Sorry, I don't have scissors large enough to cut those strings that are attached."