Sunday, November 20, 2005

Best Friends

I spent the day with my family today. As always, it was fun, and as always, the highlight of my life is seeing my 3 year old niece. Here is a conversation she and I had today...

Rye Bread: "Kimmie and Katie are my best friends."

Me: "I thought that Julia was your best friend."

Rye Bread: "No...Corrinne AND Kimmie and Katie. (Matter of factly) They are all my best friends."

Me: "What about me? Aren't I one of your best friends too?"


Rye Bread: " old are you?"

*Sigh* Just goes to show, the smarter they get, the harder it is to be cool.


One who listens said...

Kids, eh? No loyalty beyond the next headstand. :)

Mags said...

Right! AND, we DID do headstands yesterday too.

The nerve of her.