Thursday, November 24, 2005

At Least You Are My Love

My sister pretty hit the nail on the head tonight when she said, "I thought you didn't like musicals that were made into movies." And she is normally right.

Tonight that changed when I saw RENT.

I have always been a huge fan of theater and musicals and even the opera. The first time I went to the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC my friends made fun of me because the minute the curtain went up, my eyes teared up and I sat in a mesmerized trance until intermission. And I've always been a sucker for harmony. A song could be about a clogged toilet, but if it's sung in any type of harmony, I'm hooked. I've always had a soft spot for boys who can sing, and in fact still hold a tiny bit of my heart for a boy I knew in high school who, to this day, has the most beautiful tenor voice I've ever heard. He made it to Broadway and is one of the reasons I've seen my favorite musical, Les Miserables, 7 or 8 times-he starred in it for a while.

Though I was excited that RENT was being made into a movie, I was skeptical that it would be something I would be happy with when comparing it to my Broadway RENT experience a few years ago. I was pleasantly surprised-nay-I was blown away.

The only thing that made the movie less than the stage production, in my opinion, is that it was on a screen. There is something magical about being in the same room as the people who are filling your being with beauty when they sing and perform.

The actors in the movie, however, are incredible. The set is very close to the stage set, which is also another thing I was worried about. There are only 2 real flash backs into non "reality" and they actually made the 2 songs I like the least, better. That being said, there ARE no bad songs in RENT. I think that this CD is the reason my ex-husband divorced me. I actually played it so much that I wore it out and when I played it, it skipped!

I'm happy to report that they did an awesome job converting this musical and I highly recommend everyone goes to see it-even if this isn't your sort of "thing", I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I myself am already planning on going to see it again, maybe even tomorrow.


One who listens said...

I have actually seen it. I went down into London with a bunch of friends and we saw it.

We all got dressed up, and went down in a car with a chauffeur, and everything.

I thought it was ok, but not really my cup of tea at the time. :)


Hepcat said...

Hey Mags,

Haven't seen RENT yet (Play or Movie) :'(. Though I have heard the music and love it just like any other musical I have seen or been in. I agree there is nothing quite like seeing the person singing in flesh, blood, and makeup. Since you are promoting RENT in your post, I thought I might put in a plug for a fairly new musical called Wicked. It is the story of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. The music is absolutely awesome, I can't stop listening to it! Hope you enjoy!


Mags said...

Owl: I wouldn't think that Rent was your cup of tea-but I'm glad to hear that you at least went and watched it.

Hep: I'm so happy you spoke up tonight!! It's always a nice surprise hearing from you. In any case, I loved Rent so much I saw it again tonight. If you love the music, you'll love the movie. Run right out and see it. Thanks for the recommendation too-I've not heard the music, maybe I'll check it out tonight. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

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