Friday, November 25, 2005

...Are You Listening?

The day after Thanksgiving means a lot of things. It means the inevitable desire to wear sweatpant-type pants because you ate too much the night before and your jeans are a little snug. It means hoards and hoards of people flocking to the malls, battling each other over parking spaces and the last pair of black leather gloves. It means pictures with Santa, picking out a Christmas tree and dreaming about presents that are soon to come.

It also means being bombarded with every Christmas song there is, both on the radio and in the stores.

From “The Hanukah Song” to “The Little Drummer Boy”-you name it, they’re playing it. I personally love it, but I can see how it would quickly be annoying to those of you with less Christmas spirit than me. I love hearing the children’s choir in “A Very Merry Christmas” the sleigh bells in “Jingle Bells” and even the boisterous “Feliz Navidad!” that I will hear 16 times in the next 8 hours while I am at work. I also love when they play classics such as “Silent Night”, “What Child Is This” and “The First Noel.”

What is your favorite Christmas Song?


One who listens said...

I'm always listening. It's built right in to my name. :)

I always feel cold all over (in a good way) when they play silent night, and the First Noel is really good, too. It always reminds me a little of the children's TV show "The Box of Delights".

But I think, despite it not actually being Christmassy, I love the song from the snowman "We're walking in the air", which always plays on the TV on Christmas day over here.

I can normally persuade my girly to wait until Advent officially starts before she starts listening to Christmas music, but since that's this weekend, I may give in and let her listen beforehand. :)


Mags said...


Sleighbells ring...are you listening!?

I think that might be a lovely thing to do-to let her listen a little early.

Perhaps she won't even ask though, knowing that you'll try to persuade her not to...MAYBE you can put it on this year without her having to ask.

*That* would be sweet of you.

Megan said...

My favorite christmas song is hands down.."Carol of the Bells"

Hamel said...

I have no idea what it's called, but I love Don Henley's Christmas song, and I've never been able to get a copy.

Also, Billy Squier's "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You" is great. Lastly is anything by Transiberian Orchestra.

Nothing classic, though. Sorry.

Hepcat said...

I would have to say that my favorite Christmas Song is Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It is a Rock-Orchestral version of Carol of The Bells. Though speaking of Radio Stations playing Christmas Songs, I am of the opionion that they shouldn't be on the radio till after Thanksgiving (One Holiday at a time). However, here in Michigan, there are stations that start on November 1st. All Christmas music all the time. Worst of all, the stop at Midnight on Christmas Day. Go Figure.

I do recommend that if you get a chance to listen to any Trans-Siberian Orchestra Music, check it out it is really good if you are into Rock or want to hear a twist on classic favorites!

One who listens said...

I remember going to a concert in an Italian church, and the token English song they played was "A little drummer boy", and bless 'em, they had trouble with "a rup a pum pum". :)

Great concert, nonetheless. :)


Mags said...

Megan: Does DMB do Christmas? I'm surprised you didn't say "My favorite Christmas song is anything Dave on Christmas" Good choice though.

Hamel/Hepcat: Transiberian Orchestra=Cool. I like to hear that every now and then too; it kinda breaks up the traditional.

(Hep-it's good to hear from ya! Thanks for commenting! 8)

Owl: For someone so quiet and secretive, you seem to have a very cool life. A Christmas concert in an Italian Church sounds magical.

aka_monty said...

Little Drummer Boy always moves me the most, but I love all the Christmas music.
Except for perhaps Silver Bells. :)

And I, for one, have been in sweatpants since Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to be able to squeeze into my jeans tomorrow for work, but I fear I'm doomed to failure. *sigh*

Erin said...

you know mine! :) my fav is definitely martina mcbride's "oh holy night". i like your take on post-thanksgiving activities...the sweatpants part is great! :) i know that's right!