Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Apple Butter

Apple Butter, just so you know, is in the Peanut Butter isle. I, apparently, am the only one who did not know this, because when I finally happened upon the spot in which the Apple Butter is housed, there was none left.

Sadly, this means that unless the Apple Butter Fairy drops a jar off and leaves it on my porch for me when I get home, I will have to venture to the store tonight before I start baking.

If I suddenly disappear and stop blogging, please call the in the dogs, as I've been mauled by the crazy lady who waited until the last minute to buy her turkey. And, it can be assumed that if, when I get to the store, there is only 1 jar of apple butter left, I WILL FIGHT FOR IT.

And on a totally unrelated note, today I had Shrimp Shumai for lunch...and while I was eating them, I thought, "Man, I would really like Chicken McNuggets instead". Weird.

Happy rest of your day everyone!



One who listens said...

What is apple butter?

Never heard of it. :)


Mags said...

It is like peanut butter but made with apples.

Sometimes it is good to bake with...and I didn't find any. Apparently people in my town/area love it too.


Hamel said...

Mags, I never knew until this past summer that peanut butter is kept in the bread aisle. 100 feet or more of every kind of doughy product under the sun, the only exception peanut butter.

Mags said...


I did know where the peanut butter was-they also have jelly and jam there too...

I just thought that the apple butter would be near the baking section-or sometimes the internation section-though Owl never even heard of it. I thought it would be right next to the digestive cookies and the lemon curd. Oh...and my yummy battenburg.

Megan said...

Now that we know where to find apple butter, would you all tell me where to find horseradish. Not the creamed horseradish sauce (thats with condiments like ketchup and mustard) but actual horseradish. I found a few stray bottles on a seafood display but it must have a real place on the shelves, but where?