Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Anniversary Of Me

Today is the Anniversary of Me.

Today is exactly 1 year since I decided not to go back to an abusive relationship, not to continue feeling less than worthy of a good man and the day I took my laughter back from someone who tried to stifle it.

Today is a very, very good day. A day in which I remember learning that many people love me-even when they do not show it-even people who I do not know very well personally.

It is a day that I remember that a stranger can change your life and that God does indeed give you a nudge every now and then.

Today is the day I celebrate being able to buy shoes, to get my nails done if I want to, to eat chocolate cake at 2am, to have my family over my house for dinner, to play with Rye Bread, to not make my bed (!), to buy Christmas gifts, to stay out late, to stay up until 3am, to paint a picture and have it suck, to write a blog, to write a poem, to use my computer, to not shave my legs, to read a book, to play with my silly sisters, to wear chapstick (!!), to be in a play, to visit with a friend, to talk on the phone, to sleep late, to cook with salt, to wear jeans with holes in them, to laugh out loud, to laugh even louder, to cry without being scolded...

...and to live.

Today I celebrate finding a best friend.

I celebrate girls nights and margaritas, being able to have wine in the house, a gummy bear throwing boy friend, a cute boy with a cute mouth and lots of baseball hats, a boss who loves my chocolate cake, being able to buy too many books, writing emails to men I consider friends (O&H) and the freedom to learn from my mistakes.

These are a few of the things that I forgot to fight for last year, and today is the anniversary of the day I took it back.

Thank you God, for giving me the strength and the courage to finally take your hand.

Thank you to my family and friends who continue to help me grow, and who still love me when I fall.


GMadrid said...


One who listens said...

Happy Anniversary, little Maggie Moo!

And "YAY!" that you consider me a friend (I assume I'm the O in O&H).

Well done on your courageous journey so far, and we will defend your right to eat cakes at 2am, and wear jeans with holes in them to the hilt!

Go, girly!



Mags said...

Oh. I forgot:

Today is the day I celebrate the "greatness" that is ME. 8) Thank you Gmad.

Yes, you are the "O". Though I wish I had a friend name Oswald or Oscar.

megan said...

I hope by reading your post others will appreciate the wonderful freedoms they have in their lives without having to go through the torment that you did.

I'm so sorry you had to endure what you did to get to this place, but you deserve it all, and more. Eat cake, rip your pants, drink margaritas, buy shoes, leave a messy bed. But most of all wake up each day and know you got the last laugh. So go ahead and be silly with your sisters and laugh your wonderful (sometimes very loud) laugh.

I'm honored to have spent this year working with you and being your friend. You inspire me on a daily basis.

Yahoo for you! Hold your head up high today, you've risen above!!

Mags said...


You just made me cry.

Thank you.

C-Unit said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Mags!!! Im proud of you, happy for you and proud that you are my sister!!! This blog is kinda like reading chicken soup for the soul! =)

Mags said...

Chicken soup? Ew. Gag. You know I hate chicken soup.

How about....um...french onion soup...a little bite to it, a little savory, always warm and comforting.

Hee hee hee!

Thanks C-Unit!!

C-Unit said...

I mean the books silly!!!

Hamel said...

Mags, don't overlook the inner strength it took to take your life back. You see, too many people allow their lives to become stifled and abused, all because it's easier than fighting their way out of the hole.

You have taken your life back, but it's because of you, and that's something so many of us can look up to.

Thank you for sharing.

Mags said...

Thank you. Sometimes it is hard to remember to tap into that strength, and I thank you for recognizing it and reminding me. I'm sure I'll look back on this post when I am down as inspiration.

DinaLove said...

I just came across your blog via The Daily Bitch and am thrilled to have landed--for my first visit--on such a fantastic post and wonderful comments. Don't you just LOVE the Internet?!? (Don't love it too much, though, at least not more than I love it. I'm actually going to marry it, so let's just get that straight, ok?)

Anyhoo, congrats on your anniversary--go, girl power (or something less Spice-like)! I'm sending you oodles of positivity via keyboard as I type. Hoping to drop by again soon.

Happy T'day, btw!

Mags said...

Thank you Dinalove! And welcome~

One who listens said...

I didn't mention it before, but thanks a gazillion™fold for going back through my blog and posting all those comments.

I only hope it hasn't ruined the otherwise wonderful picture you have of me in your little head. :)


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