Monday, November 14, 2005

Acid Free Boxes

I keep my pictures in boxes-1982 piled on top of 1994, mixed in with 1976 and the occasional 2003. Pictures of people who hate each other are filed together, memories touching memories, squabbles erased by still shots on Kodak paper.

An image of my sister sits on the top of the box labeled "Family". It's a photo she doesn't much care for, her glasses magnify her eyes. It is a favorite of mine, though, and I keep it on the top, so that it is one of the first that I see when quickly looking through the boxes.

Another box houses my other sister in her tomboy stage. Her hair is short, her face still; she is angry at the photographer. It was me.

The day before I went to college, at a picnic in NY rests behind a random photo of my Papa at my sweet 16 party. He is laughing at an invisible joke, just as I always remember. The bottom of the pile reveals my parents, drunk with love, and I suspect tequila. My mother is young and happy, and smiles in a carefree way-the way I see her in my childhood when I close my eyes.

The pictures of my life are stored in acid free boxes, preserving the memories through time, ensuring they will survive and live to remind me when the day comes when I start to forget.


One who listens said...

I know people who do not understand why I would keep pictures of people that have hurt me, or pictures of people I cared for in times gone past that have been relegated to (at least) second place.

Do you keep photos of ex-boyfriends?

Mags said...

Yes Owl, I do. Some people don't like that I do, especially the ones of Jamie. But those people make up who I am and remembering them helps me remember how I got here and how far I've come.

I think the people who can't understand why we keep photos of people who hurt us have trouble forgiving.

One who listens said...

You may be right about forgiving.

That's certainly food for thought. It was certainly very tricky explaining why I keep stuff. :)

Some people got upset with me. :(

Anonymous said...

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