Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rhymes for Rye Bread

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Watercolored Love
If I could paint a pink hued sky
I'd give the sky to you.
I'd wrap it up in cellophane
and help you wonder why.

I'd dip my brush in the sallow water;
drag it across the page.
And through this work of art, my dear,
I'd watch you come of age.

I'd drift across the tepid sea,
and paint a whale to ride.
We'd surf among the Osprey birds
and travel the countryside.

If I could paint a river, love,
the fish would be our friends
And cows would graze in pastures near
and your youth would never end.

If these hands were gifted child,
like the hands of others past,
I'd paint a world of bubble gum
and it wouldn't move so fast.

I'll paint for you what comes to mind,
the images in my soul.
Just know deep down, my sweetest one,
you make my world whole.

~Mags 10/17/05


C-Unit said...

Im going to print this and hang it in her room. =)
Your so sweet Mags!

Hamel said...

Speechless, Mags, and I don't even know who it's for.

Mags said...

C-Unit: You have to print it in color cause the colors have meaning.

Hamel: It's for the cutest, sweetest, craziest 3 year old I know: the love of my life, my neice, Rye Bread. 8-)

C-Unit said...

For the record, thats a nick name! Haha

Mags said...

Yes, b/c I'm sure everyone thinks that C-Unit is the mommy of Rye Bread and sister to Flipper.

You are a whack job C-Unit.