Tuesday, October 11, 2005


There is a common English word that is 9 letters long.

Each time you remove a letter from it, it remains an English word - from 9 letters right down to a single letter!

What is the original word, and what are the words that it becomes after removing one letter at a time?

I'd say that I have a prize for the smartest, fastest reader, but really, I'm not gonna send you anything...if I know you IRL I'll buy you a drink, how's that? If not-well, you'll just be my favorite reader of the day. >8)


C-Unit said...

I dont know Mags, that a hard one. Are you sure its not 7 letters?

Mags said...

I'm sure. It's 9 letters long.

Do you need a clue?

I'll wait a little while longer-I'll check in a few hours after my nap.


One who listens said...

Ok, I had six letters:
i, in, ink, inks, sinks, stinks

And then seven:
i, in, sin, sing, swing, sowing, snowing.

But I'm still working on eight and nine respectively.

I'm hooked!

Mags said...

I'm impressed! No one else is gonna try, huh?

Ok. Here's a clue:

The 9 letter word starts with an "S"...

Good luck!

FLipper said...

Man this is tough i thought i got it but nope...Socialism...but sociali and socialis arent words....ill keep tryin :-)
Or maybe im not doing this right?!?

Mags said...

You have the idea right...it's just the word that's wrong!

Keep trying!

I'll post the answer tomorrow.

Hamel said...

replanted, replated (if this should be hyphenated, I lose, I guess), related, relate, elate, late, ate, at, a

I was working on another, but I couldn't get it out.

If you don't mind, I'll use this on my students this week and see what we come up with. There's got to be more than one answer, I assume.

Mags said...


Go for it. I'd love to hear what they come up with!!