Monday, October 31, 2005

I DID Get A Rock...

Why this year's Halloween was a bust:

1. I forgot to carve my pumpkins. What?! Yep. Just call me Loser. (Sung like "Daughter")

2. Despite the fact that this year I have one neighbor who actually put their lights on, I did not get ONE trick or treater! NOT ONE FLIPPIN KID! Cue the music...

3. I now have a disgusting amount of chocolate...I hate chocolate*. Next year? I'm doling out the Ready Whip...yup, you heard me. The little kiddies will just shuffle up to the door, tilt their heads back and open wide. Perhaps I will even have a prize for the child who can swallow the most whipped cream. The ones who don't say thank you will get an extra shot up their noses.

4. No one in my office dressed up. Not even a little bit. I suppose this is my fault, because I am the office manager and should have approached the subject. But, c'mon! I was hoping for some glittery hair, or at least some wacky socks.

5. I got the Strep. I woke up today with a sensation I liken to an ice pick being jabbed in my ear, and a throat so sore I couldn't swallow. (It's a good THING I'm not giving out Ready Whip!) I had to go see my dorky ass doctor who never knows what's wrong...I did yell at him today when he mis-pronounced my name, which brought me some joy, but overall? A bad experience.

So, here's to a better Halloween next year, friends who will gladly eat my leftover chocolate (and maybe bring me RW in exchange??) and 1 pill, 3 times a day...

Peace out.

*Chill out chocoholics. I don't HATE it. I just prefer whipped cream.


One who listens said...

I'm not a mad chocolate fan. One small piece is ok, but any more than that, and I find myself wanting something different.

Like orange Fruit Tellas. Mmmmmmmm

megan said...

Luckily for me my Halloween was not quite as bad as yours but it will go down in history as one of the worst.
1. Our pumpkins rotted before we could carve them.

2. The dog got hit by a car.

3. I threw up twice in the car on the way home.

But on a good note... We got our first ever trick or treaters. We have never ever had even one knock on the door. This year we had 2 little kids, one fairy and one tiger cub. Yipee!! And my daughter collected about $25 for UNICEF. She didn't get a single piece of candy but she filled her little orange box and was as proud as any kid could ever be. I guess it was an OK year after all.

PS. The dog is ok, limping and scratched up but she'll survive.

Mags said...


You omitted the "I threw up" part from the in person story! I hope it was just nerves, and am happy to hear that Zoe is ok. (And Lacey too)

Mags said...

Owl. I think I've had them before-they were yummy!!

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