Friday, October 14, 2005


The ark jokes have to stop. It was funny at the beginning of the week when Mr. CM said it on his blog-but the thousands I am hearing from everyone else now are just over the top.

You are not original. I've heard them all before-most likely just 5 minutes ago from some other schmuck who thinks they are funny.

Either be original and think of the joke before everyone else-or be quiet!

It rains sometimes. Buy an umbrella.

Thank you very much for your time.



One who listens said...

I'm assuming it's rained quite a bit then.

*is humming "two by two" under his breath, but quietly so Mags can't hear*

C-Unit said...

I promise I wont make an ark joke, but it has been raining for a week straight, and doesn't seem to be stopping. I have enjoyed laying in bed listening to it, but now that I'm allowed to drive around in my sweet little car again, I want it to stop!

Mags said...

I know, I flew off the handle, but really, I must have heard 20 ark jokes today. In an office as small as mine, that's just crazy.

And I was mad at the guy who said, "I woke up today to see something really strange with the animals in my neighborhood-they were all lined up in front of my garage-2 by 2" Aaahhh haaa haaa haa.

I was waiting to hear an interesting "The animals have gone wild" story but got another ark joke.

For the love of Pete.

C-Unit said...

Hahaha!! I havent even heard one person say that, but I wish I did. At least the people in your office make jokes!!!