Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We've Got A Pooper Over Here!

Ladies and gents, we have a pooper.

Yes, a pooper.

He comes in early, flies under the radar and drops his bombs like clockwork....

8am, Mags and The Pooper, alone in the office....but wait? Where'd The Pooper go?

Ah...yes, of course, he's in the bathroom. For what seems like hours....(but really only like, 15 minutes)

And then he emerges, looking flushed and possibly a little sweaty-though he tries to be Metro and so it may just be body gleam or something like that.

And then he leaves.

He's a drive by pooper, that's what he is.

Oh Mr. Pooper, will you not please poop prior to walking into my office? It IS first thing in the morning...

But the thing about the pooper is that not only does he poop in the morning-he also poops when he gets back into the office...and that's a lot of pooping on a daily basis, if you ask me.

Aaahhh...the beauty of working in a small office.

(And incidentally, I do thoroughly acknowledge that I seem to be obsessed with bathroom rituals, morning routines and boys...though I can tell you I love boys, I usually do not care to even think about them pooping-I'm just here for the observations, and that is all.)


One who listens said...

Someone with a *HUGE* bottom left the most enormous poop in the gents a few months ago. It quite simply was too big to flush.

I was astounded and rather horrified.

Mags said...

Thanks for sharing THAT bit of info you grosso!!!


Ew. Our Pooper is quite a tiny boy actually, in fact, I think he's only 5ft tall.