Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Firsts and Lasts

To heck with first kisses. I mean, yeah-potentially fantasmically wonderful...I haven't kissed many people in the grand scheme of things so the ratio of good kisses to bad is pretty good for me. But still-why do so many people focus on the first kiss?

Yeah-ok, I get it..."The first time our lips met I felt sparks" or "I knew he was the man I was going to marry." WhatEVER! The sparks? They're called nerves. And if he's hot, it's called lust. And you KNEW you'd marry him? How?* Ok. I can kind of give you this one. But to KNOW he was the one? I think maybe he just used Binaca. It's got a really high alcohol content. You were DRUNK! And who doesn't love minty breath? And did he have Drakkar on? Shit. Pheromones! Gets us every time, doesn't it ladies?

Screw the first kiss. I want to talk lasts.

Why don't people say, "I'm contemplating dumping you in a few days...get your Chapstick out. We've gotta lotta making out to do." You know? I mean, really. Why not go out with a really good knock 'em dead, take-your-breath-away kiss?

I think this should be in the dating handbook. Right before "How to Grovel Your Way Back After the Last Kiss Left You Wanting More" and right after "Binaca 101-Do You Really Want A Wife?" Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the editors?

*All kidding aside, I really need to know the answer to this question-Megan? Hamel? Pedro? Any other random married person? Anyone? Anyone?? Is this thing even ON?!


Hamel said...

You never *know* someone is the right one. You trust your own judgement, and theirs. But more than anything, once two choose to become one, you trust that making it work will come first and foremost. My wife and I freely admit that there are other people out there who could make each of us happy. We don't fool ourselves into thinking that if we had never met, we'd be miserable SOBs. But we do know that we make each other very, very happy, and that's all that matters.

But you never *know*, if that's what you mean. I leave your comment about lust. Too many people confuse the urge to get in someone else's pants with the urge to win their heart.

megan said...

First kisses are only that..."1st kisses"...the first time you kissed. Plain and simple. That one simple act is no more a sign of what's to come than looking into a crystal ball. Seems to me when I hear people say they "just knew he/she was the one" after the first kiss, it's always in hindsight. After the fact. My first kiss was in a car. I kissed his ear because when I leaned over to kiss him he quickly turned to face forward (because he was so shy) so I ended up kissing him on the ear. If I had let that be the determining factor there would be no way he would have been "the one". The sparks you feel are excitement, anxiety, hormones. I seriously doubt that anyone is thinking about caterers,china patterns,and florists at that moment. I wasn't anyway. I wanted to die of embarrassment. It's the future kisses that let you know he/she is "the one" the kisses you get when you're sick, the kisses you give when you missed that person. The kisses you need to feel complete.

Anonymous said...

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