Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Like most every office in the world, we have a water cooler. We get our water here. And boy and I glad!

Our water boys-HOT. Yeah. Very.

It's always a pleasure to see their bright turquoise water truck pull up in front of our building. Not only are the strapping young hotties strong (they carry the water with 1 hand over their heads!) but also friendly and polite! It makes them even more DELICIOUS. The problem is that it's inappropriate to gawk at people who are providing a service to your office, especially when you are the manager. If it were not inappropriate, these are the things I'd like to say/do the our water boy:

1. Hey there hottie, I'd drink your water any day...
2. Excuse me, but I seem to have dropped my...and have him pick it up.
3. Oops...I've dropped it AGAIN! Silly me!
4. How'd you like to make an installation at my my room? Yeah, I've got a water bed.
5. Make me wet.

So, I'm a little preoccupied with the water boy. Is that wrong?


Anonymous said...

That is amazing! We must have the same waterboys cause its the same Company, and they are hot!!Well, just one of them but thats crazy! C

KRW said...

I never knew you felt this way about the water boys! What do you think about
their armpit sweat? That is the first thing I notice on a couple of the guys.
Just curious.

Mags said...

I've NEVER noticed pit stains on these boys...but then again, I'm mostly looking at their butts...

Anonymous said...

Why would you try and ruin a good thing by talking about arm pit sweat! Eeeww!!!