Saturday, August 20, 2005

Over The Rainbow

Polka dotted passion
leaves my heart still…
However will I manage
To get this place filled?

Flies in the attic
Speak volumes of my life…
Empty boxes overflow;
Telling my tale of an ex-wife.

Broken trophies, stolen trinkets,
paintings torn to shreds…
They give my soul
keep reminders in my head.

Spanish tiles line my walls-
Insulate my brain…
Thoughts of broken wings and things
make me go insane.

I’m dreaming of colors
not yet made,
yet learning to embrace
the many shades of gray…

-Mags 08/19/05


Anonymous said...

i must say that touched me AND that i am extreamly smart...or maybe im giving myself too much credit here lol. ~FLipper (the DOLPHIN, hey!)

Mags said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

And also, you are pretty insightful. It'll be our little secret.

he he he...