Monday, August 22, 2005

Laf Trak

This weekend a my family and some friends went to an "Xtreme Comedy" show in Essex. (If you know Essex, you are either laughing at the thought, or scoffing because you are a snob) In any case, it was a Blast! We were seated right up front, and because we were such a large group, we knew there would be the opportunity to be in the line of fire...

Well, the first 3 comedians sort of ignored the audience, but the headliner, Rick Shapiro didn't. In fact, he zeroed in! Well, um, more Yeah, and I have to tell you-it was wicked fun.

I've mentioned my laugh's loud. Very loud. And I've gotten over the whole, "I'm embarrassed to laugh this loud" thing. So, naturally at a comedy show, I was louud.

So, we all know I'm a sucker for randomivity. Well, he's the God of randomivity-from the very minute he starts. He had me laughing so hard that by the end of the one and 1/2 hours he was up there, I was sweating.

To me, the best was when he said, "I love this girl...all I have to do is not finish a sentence and she laughs" and then he came over to me and started talking. It was great.

When other people in the audience didn't give him the reaction he wanted, he'd come over to me and say, "I'm going back of here-she loves me." and then, "Come on baby, give me a laugh."

He'd just randomly cough, which writing it now seems lame, but it was so gosh darn funny then because he'd be just in the middle of something and then cough and lose his place. He'd pull papers out of his pocket pretending to forget his material saying he had to focus-but the pages were blank. I think that part was only funny because we were so close we could see it.

He did also pick on my dad, who is very conservative looking and was wearing a button down shirt and his glasses. Rick said something like, "Sir, you've got a little cocaine on your mustache" but then later would jump back away from my dad saying, "Fuck! You look like a cop that chased me down and alley that fucking you?!" Funny, I know, only because I know my dad, but still it made everyone laugh.

He did ask me if I shaved "it", and asked me about orgasms. He said someone who laughs as much as I do must be getting good sex.

That's for me to know and you to find out.

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