Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Heavy Boots

If it were boot season, mine would be heavy.

I just got back from my interview with the local culinary school & found out that I'll need $6500 to attend classes. They start in September, but I'll have to start later...maybe December. That will work better anyway, b/c my boss can't let me leave on Monday's to get to school on time. I have to come up with a solution, as well as come up with the money to go. Total tuition: $17500. Yeah. But I'm stoked!

Here are some of the idea's I came up with to earn money:
1. Sell blood
2. Pimp out my backyard to locals and let them use my grill. I'll even cook the hot dogs.
3. Learn to belly dance.
4. Sell dream interpretations to unsuspecting old people. Tell them their dreams mean they should give me money.
5. Free Willy. I'm sure some animal activists will give me money for his liberation.
6. Have a car wash.
7. Sell tickets to "Scary Boo's Haunted House".
8. Make tee shirts that read, "I wanna cook for you". Sell them at local prisons.
9. Steal buried treasure.
10. Bake cookies and sell them at the entrance to any grocery store. Tell people I'm raising money for the poor.

Any better ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I dont think you left anything out. Looks like you got it covered!