Friday, August 26, 2005

3 Inches of Grossness

Holy Hairy Horror! And also, ew.

This man's eyebrows skeeve me out. I'm sure you all recall my post entitled "Hairy Carey" . If not, check it out before reading on....Go ahead, I'll wait...

Back? Ok. So, now you understand. How can someone let a hair get over 3 inches long? I mean, did you look at the picture? Do you not see him holding this hair out in front of himself? How does he resist the urge to pull it? I mean, I want pull it out just by looking at that picture...and it's not even a close up! Can you imagine having that piece of hair in your fingers just ready to pluck it out leaving the rest neatly in place?

How can he resist that!?!

Mostly, my question really, is why let it get that long? I mean, yeah, now that he's all in his, "I'm famous for my lack of grooming skills" phase, of course he looks back and thinks it was a good call. But, c'mon? 3 inches? Did it not get in the way? Did it not at any point get in his eye? I'd imagine it would be like that annoying little fly that never goes away and you have to keep swatting it. Or something like that.

Anyway, my tweezers are chattering with anticipation in my bathroom right now as I type this. It's time to liberate them and the hairs they long to pluck.


Hamel said...

OK, here's gross. I'm going to try and beat his record. My wife said no way, you're kidding me. So I looked at one particular eyebrow hair and said "Look how long this one is already!" She said "Measure it" so I pulled out a tape measure and it's just 1/4 inch. She said "See!" and I said "See! I haven't even tried."

Rest assured she'll yank it out in my sleep before it's 3/4 an inch.

Mags said...

Well, see now, here's the problem...if I know someone who's TRYING to beat the record, I have to cheer them on. I have no choice, really. I MUST be supportive. It's who I am.

So, that being said:

"Hamel, Hamel, he's our man, if his brows won't grow, no one's can!"


Hamel said...

Ew is right. I'll let you know how long it gets until the wife pulls a sneak attack.

Anonymous said...

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