Friday, August 05, 2005

10 Things...

Here is some randomivity from the last few days:

1. Civil War Reenactors are freaks. Today I witnessed grown men roll play with each other, which included 1 man (who must have a very small penis) screaming at the other to "drill" and "clean the guns". The weird part is that there were no guests in our area. The park had not yet even opened.
2. Sometimes you see something beautiful and when you see it, it may make you think of someone. The person you think of can surprise you, or not, but either way, it's very telling. Especially when you're just friends.
3. Chaffing sucks. No cream on the market can ever heal it fast enough. It's not fun walking around like a man with a large penis.
4. It's fun when you discover a new hot guy to watch. Especially when he's on your team. (Tony Graffinino ladies-my new 2nd base yummy)
5. It is funny when someone scares you so bad that you actually say, "Aaaahhh aaahhhh waaa aaaa"
6. Having someone hit the snooze button to stay an extra 9 minutes gives you a nice feeling.
7. Even though it's the correct and clinical name for female genitalia, people are shocked and amazed when "vagina" is used in a story.
8. Dove didn't know what they were getting into by using "Real Women" in their ads. Apparently lots o people are angry when they see size 12 women in their underwear.
9. Stretching the truth to spark some honesty can be fun.
10. You always come to a crossroads right at the moment you arrive at the place you've been working towards. This seems obvious to some, but annoying to me. I'd like to be content.

Has anyone else had any randomivity occur? Feel free to share in the comments section...after all, if DOES feel good to vent!

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