Friday, July 08, 2005

Hairy Carey

This post my raise your eyebrows....or at least make you think about plucking them.

I have a confession:

I'm addicted to plucking. I pluck everyday. I have 2 pairs of tweezers and 1 pair of tiny grooming scissors. If I see (or worse, feel) a hair that grew in during the day, I often sit and think about going home to pull it out. I try to pull it out without tweezers until I have a red spot in the place the hair has grown. When talking to people up close, I think: "Can they see the enormous hair that's protruding from my face right now?".

You may be thinking, "My GOD! How hairy ARE you anyway?" Well, try being Italian-hair is as much of a part of our culture as are tomatoes and red wine. Plus, I'm really white, and my hair is really dark-not a good combination.

I feel good about not having to bring tweezers with me wherever I go-though I know at least one of you (you know who you are) is just as obsessed, and, in fact, you DO carry them with you in your pocket book. To you I say, "Get counseling"

....and while you're there....I'll hold your purse.

Pluck free or die.



Anonymous said...

Now is that nice? Pluck free, or die!!!!
I carry my "eye brow plucker" in my bag everywhere I go...I am an addict and proud of it!

One who listens said...

I may have plucked my nose hairs once (Yes, it does make your eyes water).

But the darn things grow back thicker than before! No-one warned me!

Anonymous said...

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