Sunday, July 31, 2005

Don't It Make My Green Eyes Brown

It's official, my birthday is over. It's been a wonderful compilation of celebrating and fun, and now it's come to a complete halt. I'm sad, as I am with every ending, but am excited to see what this next year brings. Read: I have to do some crazy shit this year-it's the last one in my 20's)

Here are some highlights/observations of my trip with Mr. CM:

1. A mix cd with songs that remind him of me. Basically, he smiles when he thinks of me, and also thinks I'm creative. These are 2 great things, however, I would really like to know at this point what we are. I mean, are we just friends, dating or close to bf/gf? I'm good with any of the above, however, I'm in that "I'd like to stab my eyes out with a fork" stage, especially when others (you know who you are) keep asking me, "So...are you his girlfriend yet?" Yeah. With a FORK. This is me, with bloody eyes!
2. Small hotel rooms are quaint. But not when you're worried about poop sounds. Our bathroom-not so insulated. I heard e-v-e-r-y drop of pee that came out of him during his first bathroom excursion. No pooping occurred from either of us. I think he realized the sound explosion too.
3. Yellow caterpillars can be insalubrious (yes!). To embellish a little: Anti-rash cream was needed. Extra points to me, 'cause I came to the rescue and saved his life. He did, incidentally, call me Florence Nightingale. I think I can chalk a point up in my corner on that one. And no, I did not plant the freakin caterpillar there so I could show off my "I'm a girl who can take care of you skills"
4. Mr. CM can't have more than 2 sangria's.
5. It's good to spend time with someone who also thinks waiters are weird. If your server says "That looks good" about a special, you should wonder why he didn't say, "That tastes good".
6. Wind can be called upon by request. Especially when Mr. CM is trying to make a point to me, Mags, about being in the windiest part of the city.
7. People with boats are weird. Especially when they have their own dingy, are 5 feet away from the shore, and yet, somehow, are stuck.
8. Older men like to rub Mr. CM's leg. He's too nice to say anything about it.
9. Ice Cream in a baseball hat is a good idea, only at the beginning of a game. After that, you will be relegated to standing in a 1/2 long like b/c the 2 young girls behind the counter are discussing some sort of rash they have that burns when they pee. You will, just so you know, miss the most exciting part of the game.
10. Doing this without regret for a cute boy gets you points. I hope.

All in all, it was fabulouso-I managed to get by without any gaseous catastrophe's, though, just so you know, I was completely ready to utilize all of your suggestions.


Back to the daily grind...

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One who listens said...

Does this mean that it's your birthday soon?

And so young!



P.S. I'm travelling back in time through your archives. :p

P.P.S. Betcha never thought when you wrote this that you'd be a famous chef one day, doing a course and everything.

P.P.P.S Did I mention I'd met Jamie Oliver (the Naked Chef) and fitted electronic Crestron gear in his house? Well I have.