Monday, December 01, 2014

Good News, Bad News, Good News

This year B1 and I had some professional pictures taken for this year's Christmas cards.  Mainly because it will be the only time when I'll have a big pregnant belly, and I'm not planning on "maternity photos" like so many people get today.  And all of the photos from our showers weren't Christmas card worthy, in my mind.  And there was a Groupon, so we got them done for $20.  Here are a few from the session.  They are blurry because they are screen shots, but you get the idea.

The Christmas lights on my belly were my idea. :)

This is my favorite of the session, though I must have been making a weird face, because they cropped it out.  Which is sad.  But I do still love this picture.  B1 kisses my belly daily and it's adorable to have it captured in a picture.

There's another picture that's zoomed out so you can see our faces and bodies too, but I like this close up.  We chose "twins" because our other option was "babys" and we didn't want to tell the nice girl that she spelled "babies" incorrectly.  Twins works well though. :)

I'm in love with them.  We have an 8X10, two 5x7's and hysterically, gift tags, with the first picture on them.  And those gift tags are huge.  I can't wait to give people gifts with them. 

And here's another update.  My babies are trying to be born early.  At my last appointment, my cervix was measured at 1.7 when it should be 3.0 or greater.  This means my body is starting to prepare for labor.  I haven't been having any contractions, so that's good, but the 1.7 is concerning.  To help support my cervix, they inserted a pessary, and it's helped with the pressure a little bit.  In addition, I'm showing slight signs of preeclampsia, which is actually more urgent than the cervix issue.  That said, my blood and urine work came back OK over the weekend, so I'm still skirting along in the "safe" zone right now.

I'll be monitored weekly from now on.  Yay for being high risk.

At first I was really freaking out.  I am still very worried and want to keep these babies cooking for as long as possible-but at least for another 2 weeks when I hit 30 weeks.  That's another major milestone for them, and their chances of survival without long-term health issues because greater.  If this had happened 2 weeks prior, the doctors would be telling me that the babies have a less than 50% chance of survival.  So we're in as good a place as we can be right now and we're hoping I continue to carry these twins for a bit longer.

There are a lot of stories out there that have given me hope over the weekend.  Most of what I've read shows that women who had a shortened cervix, once ID'd, have gone on for weeks, if not months and delivered health babies.  Others who couldn't continue to carry at 28 weeks have shared that their babies were born and lived in the NICU for a while (usually 10-12 weeks) and then went on to be healthy after that.  So I'm hopeful, but nervous.

I'll be checked again on Wednesday to see if I've progressed at all....cross your fingers/pray/send good vibes that I haven't.

More good news: Baby Jack weighs about 3.2 pounds and Baby Bobby weights about 2.11 pounds.  These are both a little heavier than average.  So if they are born now, they'll have that going for them.

Also, their heartbeats are both very strong.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The last two weeks have been very exciting for us. We had our baby showers! The first took place in CT, where my immediate family is from. Having a shower in CT also allowed many of my extended family members-including my Nana-to participate without having to drive 4.5 hours to Boston. It was a lovely, sunny day with lots of love and laughter. The theme was two peas in a pod, which was secretly what I wanted it to be! Take a look at some of the fun we had that day...

Of note in the pictures above:
1. The beautiful card my sister made me with a mama elephant and two twin babies.  If you didn't know this already, I adore elephants and have collected them my whole life.  Adorbs.

2.  The cake.  Need I say more?

3.  The picture of my Nana and I.  It's become one of my favorites of all time already.

4.  The cupcakes at the bottom of the page, made by my niece Rye Bread, who is now 12.  (I KNOW!)  If you don't know this, she's the one I've been making all of the cakes for since she was born.  So it was totally awesome that she made these for us.  They say "Jack and Robert", which will be our boys' names.

5.  The "two peas in a pod" made from a blanket and lots of diapers!

Our second shower, our MA shower, took place yesterday here in Boston at a local yacht club.  It was thrown by my MIL and had a Mickey/nautical theme, since we got engaged at Disney and live on a boat.  While this day was not very sunny, the room was still filled with lots of love and laughter.  And really, who needs the sun when you have that to warm your heart?

Of note in the pictures above:

1.  The picture at the top left, of B1 and I with his Grampie, who's just an awesome guy.  This picture was taken for Jack's baby book, because Jack will have Grampie's middle name.  In each of the boys' baby books, I'm putting pictures of the men they are named after, with little stories or notes about why we chose to honor them.  Sadly, my Papa, Jack, is no longer with us, so I won't be able to put a current picture in there.

2.  The Jack and Richard "Crew Since 2015" onsies, which doubled as a guest book.

3.  The cake.  Again, need I say more?

4.  The picture of our Dads in the lower right hand side.  Robert will be named after them...Robert is on the left, aka, Papa, and Grampie is on the right.

5.  The "ship cake" made out of onsies.  So cute.

White we didn't receive a few key items we registered for, we did get many wonderful (and cute!) presents that make us breath a little easier now.  Unfortunately we have to return a few gifts which are too far away from what we registered for (I never understand why people don't buy from just causes more work for the person receiving the gift) or that just won't work with our current living situation.  But we did get a few gift cards which will make our shopping easier, thank God.  Now that the showers are over, I'm feeling less stressed out (party planning control freak over here!  Yes, I admit it.) and am looking forward to organizing it all in the next month or so, once the nursery is ready.

Yes.  We'll have a nursery.  Yes, on the boat. :) I'll be sure to share the before, during and after pictures as B1 converts the back cabin into a baby wonderland.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Friday, November 07, 2014

Playlist: Labor & Delivery

What a whirlwind of a month it's been so far!  We started our "Prepared Childbirth" classes (what a joke-who's every prepared to push one baby out, let alone TWO!?!?), met the team of midwives at the hospital and toured the L&D floor.  I was also set to take my first breastfeeding class, but this week wiped me out completely, so I rescheduled.  Nonetheless, stuff is happening, and we're at 89 days, if I go full term.  Which, by the way, is not very likely (but we're praying!). 

After touring the hospital (and hearing and seeing newborns!) I've started thinking more seriously about what I'll put in my hospital bag.  (I'm going to start packing it very soon, just in case...)  One of the things that I know I want with us while we are killing time is music.  Mostly relaxing music, but probably also some upbeat songs that can energize us when we need it.  I just did a search for "Labor and delivery music" and see a few good ideas, but I thought maybe YOU had a couple of suggestions too.

I know most of you don't click over to comment often, and that's OK.  But if you DO have any favorites you think might be uplifting, relaxing or energizing, please consider leaving me a comment.  Even if it's anonymously.  :)

B1 and I thank you in advance.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Truth About Pregnancy

Ask most women about how they liked being pregnant, and they'll tell you (if not exclaim) how much they LOVED being pregnant. And they'll tell you how magical it is, and how wonderful you'll look and feel, and how they'd be pregnant forever if they could be.

Now ask me.  And I'll tell you how it really is.

Pregnancy is magical.  It's wonderful and amazing and I feel so blessed to be going through this horrible journey.  Yes, I said horrible.  That's because, my friends, so far I've had a really, really rough pregnancy.  All of the "you might feel (insert horrible side effect of pregnancy) this week" side effects you read about, I got.  Yet none of the "this week you'll start to feel better" things have really been true for me.  And, at almost 23 weeks, I am still experiencing the joys of morning sickness.  Which, by the way, isn't just restricted to the mornings.

For instance, last night at dinner I had to leave the table to go be sick.  And this morning, even though there was nothing in my stomach, I was sick again.

And then there's the wonderful side effect of not being able to poop.  Or, pooping too much.  Very rare is the Goldilocks of poop anymore (juuuuust right).  And don't get me started on having to pee all the time...

And also, I'm still in the "aversions" stage.  Most of my food no longer "hits the spot".  Which is mostly OK because I can't really eat much anyway.  (Think 1/2 of a hamburger or baked potato.)   When people ask me if I'd had any strange cravings yet, I think my shoulders sink a little.  Because, boy, would I love to have some cravings.

I do look pretty cute though.  My bump is definitely showing now and my skin and hair looks great.  And the boys have started kicking much more in the past week or so and B1 can actually feel it now too.  And that's pretty amazing.

And since we're talking about B1, I have to mention yet again how lucky I am to have him.  I really REALLY hit the jackpot with him.  He's simply the best person I know.  And it get awesomer and awesomer every day we go through this magically horrible journey together.

This morning, for instance, after being sick I went out into the main cabin for some water.  Cold, wet and shaking, I sat down on the bed and B1 came right over to rub my back.  Even though I was dripping water all over the bed, and even though he'd just heard me hurling first thing in the morning (no one likes that-and remember-we're in very close quarters).  And even though he still had some more time to sleep before getting up for work (and-even though he's not been sleeping well because I'VE not been sleeping well).

And when I got to work, I received an email from my love, which brightened my day:

Our fraternal elephants, Frank and Krackle.  (Who I owned long before getting pregnant, BTW.)
So.  My summary of pregnancy so far is that yes, it is magical.  But it is also horrible.  And I am very blessed to be able to be experiencing it and to be doing it with my B1.

23 weeks pregnant with twins

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This weekend B1 and I took our last vacation before we become parents of twin boys.  *Gulp*  The trendy term these days is "babymoon".  Truthfully, that terms seems silly to me, but really, I don't care what it was called because it was pure heaven.

Ever since I was little I wanted to go to the Poconos.  Specifically, I wanted to stay at the couples resort which had the champagne glass hot tubs in the rooms.  Those commercials seduced me as a child and it just always stuck in my head.  "One day I'll go there", I said.  And go there I did.

B1 and I always take a mini-vacation in December, usually to the mountains in New Hampshire.  Knowing that this year I'll likely be...unable to travel...we thought it would be fun to get away during Columbus Day weekend while I'm still fairly mobile.  Imagine my delight and surprise when I saw a Groupon for the very same resort I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO!  A quick call to B1 confirmed he had the time off, and it was booked.

The room offered was NOT a champagne room...but it was actually BETTER.  Why?  Because it had a POOL IN THE ROOM!  Yes.  A heated pool.  In. Our. Room.  In addition to a heart shaped whirlpool tub, a sauna and a fireplace.  Oh-and a round bed.

When I told B1 about all of these amenities he asked, "What kind of sex palace IS this?!"  But of course he said it was a smile.  I prefer to call it a lovers haven...

It was everything I'd hoped for and more.  All you can eat breakfast and dinner was included, along with all of the activities we wanted to participate in.  These included: archery, ice skating (yes, really), archery, pool, boating, ping pong, basketball, tennis, heated outdoor pools and hot tubs, indoor pools and hot tubs, and nightly entertainment.  We saw a live band and a comedian.  For an additional fee, we could have gone to the spa or gone horseback riding too.  But, with a pool and whirlpool tub in our room, we opted to use those amenities most of the time.

The resort is definitely in a time warp.  It was outdated but not run down.  Our room was clean though it probably could have been a tiny bit cleaner.  We knew going into this that would be the case though, so we weren't surprised or upset by any of this.  In fact, we were delighted and excited and we had such a marvelous time.  In fact, on our last morning, B1 didn't want to get up from the breakfast table because, "that means we have to leave".

What a perfect place for a babymoon.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

21 Weeks

I officially look pregnant.

It seems like over night, my belly "popped' and people who haven't seen me in a long time have asked when I am due.  My boss today said, "You actually look pregnant now, right?"

Um...yes.  But thank you.

This weekend was our annual turkey roast at the marina.  It's an event which draws many of the summer crowd in addition to our winter friends.  Many of these people I haven't seen in at least a year and so I know they haven't heard the news.  It pleased me when several of them came up to me and congratulated me, or asked me when I am due.  Yay for not just looking fat anymore!  I have a bump. :) 

It feels wonderful.  And also weird.  But mostly wonderful.

Our registries are completed, baby shower invites have been mailed (we're having them early due to the holidays, and also due to the fact that I could have these little guys earlier than February)...we even bought a little something for our boys already.  We couldn't resist:

I mean, c'mon.  So cute, right? As B1 likes to say, "It's getting very real."

And life is good.